Safety Policy

Transmark is committed to the health and safety of our employees and the public where they are impacted by our operations. To fulfill this commitment, all of us must make health and safety an integral part of our lives. We take personal responsibility for our actions and adhere to the safety policies, rules, and regulations at all times.

Transmark is devoted to provide the leadership, organization, training, and resources needed to maintain a healthy and safe working environment. All employees must make a personal commitment to safety and perform their work in a manner that will prevent accidents to themselves, and their fellow workers.

No Work Is So Important Or Urgent That It Cant Be Performed Safely

Annual Safety Targets

Transmark has a Safety Target of Zero Incidents. The ultimate goal is to eliminate accidents by adhering to all the safety policies and programs developed by Transmark. Compliance with safety policies and procedures is the responsibility of every employee and contractor.

All safety policies are accessible in a central location and a safety orientation has been developed and documented for third party contractors and visitors.

Safety Initiatives

· Daily toolbox sessions with the rail crews

· Daily check-in and check-out system for all persons entering and leaving the facility

· Monthly staff safety meetings

· Monthly track and switch inspections

· Up to date safety training certificates

· Incident and accident reporting documents

· Orientation for operating and maintaining current and new equipment

· Orientation for third party contractors and visitors