Transmark’s 120 acre site is located at Wilson Siding south of Lethbridge. The 55-tracks were built alongside the Canadian Pacific mainline and can hold approximately 1300 railcars for the purposes of transloading, storing, staging, cleaning and repair. The facility can accommodate a broad spectrum of inbound and outbound railroad projects as the site has three of its own locomotives and a railcar mover.

Transmark moves hundreds of railcars each week. Approximately 5000 railcars a year. The streamline movement provides customers quick access to their railcars.

Transmark also has third-party contractors on site. Simba Industries Transload Ltd provides crude oil and LPG truck-to-rail transfer. CalTrax and Procor provide railcar service and repair onsite.

Our new and expanded administrative building was built in 2015, showing our commitment to Southern Alberta and its business community.