Safety is the number ONE priority for Transmark. Listed below are some of our safety practices and procedures.

  • Speed limit in the yard for any vehicle is 30km/hr.
  • When entering or leaving you must sign in and out
  • Be aware and always watch for moving train cars and heavy machinery
  • P.P.E must always be worn when in the yard
  • Vehicles must stay at least 4 feet from the rail unless authorized otherwise.
  • Absolutely no smoking within the facility
  • All Transmark vehicles must have a first aid kit and a fire extinguisher
  • There is an AED located in the Transmark Office
  • Make sure crossing are clear before going through them
  • Do not climb on or go between rail cars unless given 3 point
  • All Emergency contacts are in the Emergency Response plan and the MSDM Binders
  • Material Safety data Binders are located at the Transmark office, the sign in shack, and the Transmark shop
  • Blue flags must be taken down only by the same person/ company who put it up
  • When working on a track, ensure that the switch is locked out to avoid accidents.
  • If there is a lightning storm all operations must shut down until lightning ceases.

With all these rules and regulations in place and strictly enforced, you can see that we truly care about the safety of our employees, customers and visitors.