Company Overview

Transmark is a rail facility located in Southern Alberta sitting on approximately 200 acres where 55 tracks built alongside the Canadian Pacific mainline which can hold 1400 cars for the purposes of transload, storage, staging or repair. The facility can accommodate a broad spectrum of inbound and outbound railroad projects as the site has three of its own locomotives. Transmark has Procor and Caltrax on site offering clients a multitude of rail-service options.

Key Points:

Transmark Ltd. – Raymond, AB

Hazardous and Non-Hazardous products transloaded here

24-hour Emergency Contact Number             | 403-308-2735 or 403-795-3205 |

Rail Service Provider                                             | CPR |

Service Provider Emergency Contact                         | 1-800-716-9132 |

Average number of railway employees                                   | 5 |

Number of switches                                                 | 60 |

Number of turnouts                                                 | 60 |

Number of Locomotives                                             | 3 |

Number of Rail Car Movers                                           | 1 |

Total Storage Capacity                                           | 1,400 |

Length of tracks                                           | 116,954ft 22.15 mi |

Location of Rail Yard   | 74075 HWY 845 (situated on the corner of Hwy 4 and Hwy 845) |

Longitude and Latitude of Yard Entrance                   | 49.594961, -112.644947 |

Third Parties conducting business on site and services provided:

· Simba Industries Transload Ltd.:                   crude to rail transfer/LPGs

· Procor Limited:                               railcar repair

· Caltrax:                                     railcar repair


Transmark began operations in 2001 and was originally built to handle large amounts of inbound commodities to supply the large cattle feeding industry in Southern Alberta.

Transmark’s founders, Ronald K. Heggie and Larry Nolan, had the foresight and vision while designing the original layout to allow for easy and rapid expansion of their 65 acre site. Transmark worked very closely with Canadian Pacific Railway to create a private rail siding that would allow for optimal fluidity and growth for both the Railroad and Transmark. Transmark has seen tremendous growth and expansion since it opened. Listed Below are some major milestones in Transmark’s history:

-In 2004 the Wind Energy Sector and Canadian Pacific Railway began to utilize Transmark to store and unload windmill components.

-In 2006 Transmark began to store rail cars for various customers.

-In 2007 Transmark expanded by 5 tracks adding 8,000 feet.

-In 2008 Lethbridge Inland Terminal Ltd. opened for business. Located next door to Transmark, both companies shared CPR Mainline switch access. Transmark and R.K. Heggie Grain were the founders of this project.

-Between 2009-2010 Transmark built 7 tracks adding 14,000 feet.

-In 2011 Transmark constructed a lay-down area consisting of 22 acres. This area was leveled and graveled to the specifications of windmill customers.

-Also in 2011, Transmark purchased its first locomotive.

-In 2013 Lethbridge Inland Terminal was sold to Viterra.

-In 2014 construction began on the B-Yard which added six tracks adding 9,262 feet.

-In 2015 a new and expanded office building was constructed onsite.

-In 2016 construction of the C-yard was started. Since then, over 28 additional tracks have become operational.

-In 2018 two more locomotives were purchased, increasing productivity and reliability.